R E D App

The life-saving Service on the coasts of North Sealand is breaking new ground in safety enhancement: an app called R.E.D. to be downloaded for free to your iPhone or Android.

Should an accident occur to yourself or others you press a yellow button to contact the emergency centre.

You can also encode a text into 5 phone numbers, and when you activate a red button the text goes out to the 5 recipients with your GPS co-ordinates. The advantage is that it is useful by bathing accidents as well as by traffic accidents or if you yourself have an accident – elderly people can also use it, if they suffer a fall in their home.

The lifeguards know that indicating your whereabouts when on a beach or in a forest can be difficult. The GPS service makes it easier for the ambulance to get to the right spot quickly.

A special point is the information on first aid included in the app:

The lifeguards have developed the app in their spare time, and it is the intention to include other information, for instance about the best beaches.

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