Restaurant Amass

American Matthew Orlando, the former chef at acclaimed Copenhagen-based restaurant Noma, is the owner and chef at Amass. At his own restaurant, Amass, guests can expect a more down-to-earth gourmet experience.

The restaurant is located at Refshaleøen, an industrial area in Copenhagen. The surroundings give the restaurant a distinct edgy yet beautiful feeling. Guests in the restaurant have a view of the kitchen's private garden, where they have planted vegetables and herbs that will be incorporated into the menu.

At Amass, guests can expect to be served gourmet food of very high quality that can compete with some of the best restaurants, but at a better cost and with a more down to earth attitude to the gourmet experience.

Opening hours
// - // Tuesday - Saturday 18:00 - 00:00
// - // Friday, Saturday 12:00 - 16:00

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Refshalevej 153
1432 København K


+45 43584330


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    Longitude : 12.611151999
    Latitude : 55.690451

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