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Rold Skov

Rold Skov – Denmark’s largest and most attractive forest

The enormous and impressive forest can be visited from Stabelpladsen in Arden.

Rold Skov, with its 8,000 hectares, offers many different experiences. There are almost endless possibilities. Walks in the large wood, cycling, horse riding, swimming in one of the wood’s many lakes or skiing – Rold Skov has everything.

The rivers attract anglers, and around the forest are basic places to stay overnight, and you’re welcome to use the bivouacs. Campsites, inns and four-star hostels are good alternatives, if you want to investigate the area.

Charcoal burning is associated with the forest and Denmark’s last ”real” charcoal burner can still be found in Rold Skov. He’s the last in the line of an old family of charcoal burners, who have made charcoal for generations.

When the railway came to the area in 1869, towns like Skørping and Arden appeared, and there was a halt (where trains stopped) in the middle of the large forest. The halt doesn’t exist any longer, but a pleasant restaurant, Mosskovpavillionen, is still located there.

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