Rubjerg Knude Fyr

The light in Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse was first turned on on 27th of December 1900. The lighthouse was built on the cliff's highest point 60 m above the sea and the lighthouse itself is 23 m high. In the beginning the lighthouse was equipped with its own gasworks for illumination and the operation of the foghorn. In 1906 the gas was replaced by petroleum and in 1934, by electricity. In the beginning the lighthouse was manned by the lighthouse keeper, an assistant light keeper and a light tender.
When the lighthouse was built it was more than 200m inland and there were no large dunes around it. Over time the sea moved in closer and simultaneously the wind blew large amounts of sand up from the cliff. In the end the sand was so high that it was sometimes impossible to see the lighthouse from the sea. On August 1st 1968 the fight was given up and the light was lit for the last time.
The lighthouse will within the next decade fall into the sea because of coastel erosion.

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Fyrvejen 30
9480 Løkken


  • Access

    • Only visible from the outside
  • Classification

    • Saint Hannes Cross
  • Facilities

    • Coach park

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.775141
    Latitude : 57.449094

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