Rugaard Camping Djursland - Eastjutland

Rental of both cabins and caravans, with and without motor. The area is centrally located on Djursland between Grenaa (16 km) and Ebeltoft (15 km) in a beautiful and varied landscape with extensive forests, allowing berry and mushroom picking.

Just outside the door there is great fishing waters with chances to catch all kind of fish species from both beach and boat. There are also good surfing and diving opportunities.

The camping site does also have a playground with swings, slides, sandpits and a bouncy castle for smaller kids. Moreover, there are mini-golf and soccer fields.

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Destination Djursland



Rugaardsvej 4
8400 Ebeltoft


+45 8633 6216


+45 3081 2654

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 10.82079
    Latitude : 56.271757

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