Ryghvirvlerne - The Thoracic Vertebras

On a small square at Midtergade, there is a quite peculiar monument ”Ryghvivlerne”, translated the thoracic vertebras, who like the jaws on Torvet in Hals, stem from a blue whale. The shipping company of A.P. Møller helped the tourism association of Hals with finding both the thoracic vertebras as well as the jaws. 

The gigantic  bones have been buried in an anthill, whose inhabitants had a feast with the very rare whale steak. The bones were hence cleansed quite well in that way.  

The thoracic vertebras were to be a signpost. The reaction of the public towards the unusual signpost, however, was quite different. Some found it to be funny, while others found it to be a crazy idea. The locals as well as the tourists have made peace with the sight of the thoracic vertebras, which still is on public display in Midtergade in Hals.

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