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Sauntehus Slotshotel

Sauntehus is one of our estates built recently in 1914 by a corn dealer named Hald. The estate is beautifully situated near Hornbæk and surrounded by a unic park with a rarity of trees and bushes. It stands close to one of most distinguished castles in Denmark - Kronborg (10 km.) and Frederiksborg Castle. The main building with an almost royal tower has a look of extravagance and in the years following the construction, the whealthy owners could enjoy everydaylife and celebrations. In 1998, Sauntehus was converted into a palace hotel, and you can now experience, go sightseeing and enjoy many activities from here.

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Opening hours

01/01/2016 - 31/12/2017 Monday - Sunday

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Saunte Bygade 50
3100 Hornbæk


+45 49750315


+45 49750080


  • Facilities

    • Meeting facilities
    • Indoor swimming pool
    • Lift
    • Bar
    • Car parking
  • Member of

    • Danske Slotshoteller

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Longitude : 12.488027
Latitude : 56.073023