Sculpture bank Hyldespjældet

Vestegnen has many cultural gems. In the northern part of Albertslund, close to Vestskoven (the Western Forrest), the residential area Hyldespjældet contains a very special sculpture park.

A host of Danish and International artists exhibit their sculptures in the village-like area. The sculpture park is an alternative form of gallery for sculptures. The sculptures are on display in the park, until they are sold or they move on to another exhibition. The sculptures come and go, visit other exhibitions and maybe return and new sculptures are added.

Visitors are invited to walk around the many sculptures and enjoy them in the characteristic surroundings in Hyldespjældet. Every single sculpture is positioned with great care, ensuring that they are not only in harmony with the surrounding architecture, but also challenges the surroundings.

Admission to the exhibition is free, and it is open from sunup until sundown.

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2620 Albertslund


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Latitude : 55.673125199