Although subject to certain regulations, opening hours are generally at the discretion of proprietors. General opening hours Monday-Friday from 09.30 or 10am to 5.30/6/7pm/8pm/9pm Saturday from 9am to 2/3/4/5pm On Sundays, most shops are closed, however bakeries, florists, souvenir shops and a number of supermarkets stay open. Permission has been granted for shops to stay open several Sundays during the year, including Sundays before Christmas and Sundays during the summer period. Many shops also stay open on the first Sunday of the month. Shopping after hours Outside ordinary shopping hours, various kiosks around town are open for sale of tobacco, newspapers, and and some groceries. In addition to these, shops at the Central Station (Hovedbanegården) are open until late in the evening as well as on Sundays. A number of supermarkets are open on Sundays, for instance IRMA located at Vesterbro Torv, a short walk from the Central Station along Vesterbrogade. Another supermarket open on Sundays is FAKTA, just across the road from Vesterport Station. You can buy alcohol and tobacco in all supermarkets and kiosks also on Sundays - when open. One must be 16 years old to buy alcohol and 15 to buy tobacco.

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