Sightseeing by plane

Stauning Scenic flights

Stauning scenic flights are open between 10: 00-18: 00 in June, July, August und September.

Prices starts at 600kr. per person, as long as the airplane is full, which it is with three passengers at the time.  

We look forward to showing you Jutland from above in our Cessna 172, with window seats for everyone, and give you a tour you wont forget.  

We created 7 standard routes, which all give a unique experience in their own way.

We also listen to special requests.  

  1. Lem, 8 Minutter
  2. Skjern Å, 13 Minutter
  3. Ringkøbing, 15 Minutter
  4. Bork havn, 17 Minutter
  5. Søndervig, 20 Minutter
  6. Nymindegab, 22 Minutter
  7. Hele fjorden rundt, 30 Minutter

We hope to see you for an unforgettable flight at Stauning Airport

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Destination Ringkøbing Fjord



Lufthavnsvej 6
6900 Skjern


+45 9681 4447




Longitude : 8.3532453
Latitude : 55.991371099