Silkeborg Rovfugleshow

Meet the world’s biggest owls! Silkeborg Rovfugleshow is now opening the doors and once again inviting the public inside the fascinating world of the birds-of-prey. In a humorous and instructive manner, Falconer Flemming Sanggaard takes visitors back in time, from the very first “falconer birth”, right up to the situation for today’s birds-of-prey and falconers. In this entertaining, highly unconventional and educational show, visitors meet free-flying hawks, falcons, owls and eagles, and the bravest of visitors can even try holding a bird-of-prey or an owl. Now, for the first time, and in the only place in Denmark to offer this, audiences can also enjoy the ultimate close encounter with WORLD’s largest owls.

Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic and, either before or after the show, enjoy the scenery, the fallow deer, the wild greylag geese, and their picnics at one of the picnic areas. For half an hour either side of the show, the small shop is open where visitors can buy an ice cream, a cup of coffee or maybe a souvenir. As the asphalted Silkeborg–Horsens nature trail runs right through the show area, a visit to the show is also an ideal opportunity to experience some of the stunning local scenery from here. Visitors might also like to bring their bikes with them and enjoy an active afternoon out in Denmark’s most stunning countryside.

In addition to the public shows, falconer Flemming Sanggaard can also be booked all year for the “Falconer for a day” experience when, on a longer trip through the wonderful area of natural beauty, it is the visitor who dons the robust falconry glove and thus flies the completely free bird-of-prey. Flying a bird-of-prey is an experience you will never forget. Silkeborg Rovfugleshow can also be booked for private shows at your home address, as well as out-of-town shows and demonstrations. For more information, please visit:

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    • Gudenå
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    • Silkeborg
    • Skanderborg
    • Them
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