Skjern River Canoing

Canoeing on a lake or a river stream is an adventurous experience, where you get close to the nature in a completely new way. On the rivers, there is no stress – most of the time only peace and harmony. A canoe trip on Skjern River is a scout-manner holiday form and a unique nature experience for the entire family. When canoeing on Skjern River, you will embark on a varied route, which passes the river’s many river bends and beautiful lakes.

Denmark’s Most Watery Lake

Skjern River takes its point of departure in Tinnet Krat on the Jutlandic ridge, only a few hundred metres from Denmark’s other large river, Gudenåen. Skjern River is Denmark’s most watery river, and in some periods, the river moves 50.000 m3 water pr. minute, thereby the river drains of an area on the size of Funen. A trip down Skjern River will give you the best conditions for experiencing otherwise hidden natural gems. The river both offers nooks and crannies as well as unexpected surprises.

Easy Peasy Canoing

A canoe trip down Skjern River begins at Vester Mølle, approximately five kilometres south of Nørre Snede. Even the unexperienced will quickly learn how to steer this light-weighted boat. At Vester Mølle, life wests and paddles will be handed out as well as a tour description. You can also borrow extra seats to be placed in the canoe, if you have children with you.

How long the tour will be is completely up to you. You can both rent canoes on an hourly basis, for a few days or a week, and you can even sail all the way to Skjern Port – a tour on up to 80 kilometres. If you need a break from all the paddling, it is both possible to stay overnight or just eat your packed lunch on one of the shelters by the riverside.

You can also fetch a brochure with tour descriptions at VisitIkast-Brande.

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