Søby Harbour and Marina, Aeroe

On Ærø’s most western tip lies cosy Søby – Gateway to Europe – with ferry connections to Southern Jutland and thus the rest of the continent.

Søby’s quaint houses snake up the steep hill above the harbour, which is dominated by Søby Shipyard; Ærø’s largest private employer is central to the character of Søby, bringing life and activity to this small town. The narrow streets and alleys are full of atmosphere and tranquillity.
Søby is a pleasant place to wander around, and here you may luckily stumble across Finn’s Bakery and enjoy Danish pastries of the highest quality. Up on the hill is the diminutive but beautiful Søby Church and the town’s only grocery store, Dagli’Brugsen, which offers a good selection of food products including a variety of local specialities for those after the real taste of Ærø.

Søby Marina is both well run and cosy, offering good facilities including a charming outdoor barbecue area with picnic tables and a cookhouse – feel free to season your grill with the fresh herbs grown in the vicinity.

Pos.: 54* 56.54' N - 10* 15.65' E

225 berths, modern facilities and cafeteria.
Fine barbecue/play area.

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Havnen 6
5985 Søby Ærø


+45 62581430


+45 62582570


  • Facilities

    • Playground
    • Barbecue
    • Slipway
    • Shopping



Longitude : 10.26043
Latitude : 54.941227