Søbygaardkoncerterne, Aeroe

Søbygaard provides concerts that can excite and that are worth traveling for:
Famous arias, lieder both old and new, in a music hall of wood - ideal for chamber music.
The music hall - designed by architect Alan Havsteen-Mikkelsen is inspired by Faroese wooden churches - and decorated with the painter Svend Havsteen-Mikkelsen's sketches for stained glass in Danish and Nordic churches.
Seven classical concerts are held throughout the summer with music that can surprise, excite, challenge and provoke!
Every year several classical concerts are held at a high national and international level and one of the big names in 2014 is the duo Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal.
See also the program for 2016 here:

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Søbygårdsvej 2
5985 Søby Ærø


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    • Music

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    Longitude : 10.282349
    Latitude : 54.919176

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