The Solvangs park in Glostrup

Solvangsparken in Glostrup
Landscaped in 1946, the park is one of Glostrup's crown jewels.Actually, Solvangsparken is a small botanical garden with a multitude of tree species and flowers, including beech, willow, chestnut, lime, locust, maidenhair tree and maple as well as buddleia, hydrangea and various roses.

Also, the park has many beautiful flower beds and to the south an elevated bed boasting a multitude of coloured flowers.

You enter Solvangsparken from Nørre Allé, Solvangsvej and Mellemtoftevej. The park covers an area of approx. 50,000 m2.

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Nørre Alle 41
2600 Glostrup


  • Facilities

    • Playground
  • Type

    • Botanical garden
    • Town park



Longitude : 12.399153
Latitude : 55.6704