Sommerhøjskolen i Gjerrild - Djursland - Eastjutland

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in july, you and your family or just you can join the "Summer Folk School" in Gjerrild and the surrounding area. The name is better translated as varying excursions on wednesdays, nature activities on thursdays, and artcraft workshops on fridays. In this way, you can get close to the area's special nature and local cultural sights and the plentity of local artists. Join for one day og several days. All instructors and guides are ready to translate into english what's necessary for joining the courses. All courses are based on self experience by the use of your senses. at each course a healhty dansih buffet is served during lunch-break.

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Destination Djursland



Stokkebro 61
8500 Grenaa

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Longitude : 10.820089998
Latitude : 56.506609999