Sønderskoven Forest, Vejle

Sønderskoven is located to the south of Vejle. The forest has an exciting, varied and hilly terrain with numerous springs and creeks and in addition a number of dead ice holes, which arose after the latest ice age, where blocks of ice were left in the landscape to melt and have since been filled up with water. The most famous are Store and Lille Helvedshul ”Large and Small Hell Hole”. 

The forest also offers a huge forest playground built in larch and Douglas pine from the surrounding forest. The forest stretches over several minor wood areas such as 

The Pedersholm Woods, which previously belonged to the Pedersholm Estate. In the middle ages, the Crown owned the estate and is has probably been serving as the workhouse for Rosborg, the ruin slightly visible as a rise in the river valley of Vejle Ådal. The trenches are visible evidence of the presence of the German troops during the war in 1864.  

Mørkedal Forest is situated on the east side of Højen River and is dark and cold during the winter. From a nature point of view, the forest is unique, as it is as clean a mountain stream due to the height of fall from the spring in Højen to the mouth in Vejle River.   

In Vesterskoven Forest, you will find a lunch house with tables, benches and barbeque area.   

The area is the home of many birds such as water ouzel, kingfisher and wagtail, which feed on the rich animal life in the streams. 

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7100 Vejle


  • Facilities

    • Tables and benches
    • Barbecue area
    • Coach park
    • Marked-out routes
  • Type

    • Forest

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    Longitude : 9.5333778
    Latitude : 55.6988041

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