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Sonne’s Gallery

Sonne’s Gallery and workshop is situated in the old dairy of Broløs village. Here You can experience the production of Glass Art, Ceramics and Jewelry. Everything in the Gallery is made by the local arts and craft artist Elin Sonne.

Glass Art: Watch as cold, painted glass is put into the glass oven and transformed into beautiful pieces of Glass Art. The production technique used by Elin offers endless posibilities in relation to shape, coloring etc. But Sonne has chosen the simple and beautiful ornamental decorations which matches the shapes of the glass.

Jewelry: Experience how rings and other jewelry transforms, from raw material into a piece of beautiful jewelry. All of our jewelry is made from 925 Sterling Silver, in the uniqe designs of Elin Sonne. Sonnes designs range from the simple and traditional to the more unique designs – e.g. some designs are made from oxidized silver, to give it a more raw impression.

Ceramics: Elin Sonne produces large ceramic sculptures, beautiful ceramic-women etc. Many of Sonnes Ceramic Works are Raku Ware, and produced according to the original Japanese tradition.


In another part of the old dairy, we also sell antique wood burning stoves and other and other interesting items.

We are open daily – A flag is posted at the door during opening hours

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