Special exhibitions at the museum


The permanent exhibitions about life in and omdring Rold over time , and the traditional folk music of northern Jutland. A world that has been populated by peasants, men's men, foresters , loggers , clogs men , charcoal burners , potters , play men , poachers , thieves a.s.o.

Special exhibitions :
Queen and Røverborgen. An exhibition about queen Margrethe 1 - Knight Sehested, Iver Happiness and Egholm strongholds. Glimpses of the Middle Ages in Rold Skov (forest) from the late 1300s. See original finds from the excavation of the Toro 1.

Rock carving stone from the Bronze Age, about 1000 years BC. It is found in Skindbjerg approx,in the year 1920. Discover the fascinating story of a new exhibition.

Viking treasure. Viking hoard from Rebild - The story of one of the largest hoards of the Vikings.

Juelstrup Hornet. In 1945 , when peat in Juelstrup bog at Stoevring found a drinking horn from the Iron Age, c. 300 years AD. The horn there was treasure trove is now in the National Museum. Learn the history of this exciting finds in a new exhibition at the museum, including following reports from the finder,  the now 93- year old Peter Hansen from Stoevring . The exhibition is open from Easter 2014.

Embroidered pictures.

For some time , the museum has collected a selection of embroidered pictures , which for generations has adorned most homes. The exhibition can be seen from Easter 2014.

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