St. Mary's Church

Sct. Mariæ Kirke in Aalborg is one of the more modern churches, as the Roman Catholic Church has only existed in Aalborg since 1899, where Bishop Von Euch invited two to state in Denmark. St. Mary’s Church is therefore of a more recent date and started in one of the houses on the then Kastetvej.

Catholic Church in Aalborg
The church was finished in 1926 and was inaugurate on the 19th of December. Today, it is one of the most beautiful catholic churches in Denmark.

Visiting hours
The church can normally be visited between 7-19. For non-catholic, the church is also worth a visit.

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Kastetvej 1
9000 Aalborg


+45 98796347


+45 98796349


  • City / Area

    • Himmerland
    • Nørre Sundby
    • Aalborg
  • Feel like

    • Afternoon
    • Cosy
    • Evening
    • Hygge 2
    • Inside
    • Læring 4
    • Morning
    • Quiet
    • Rolig 3
  • Intended audience

    • adults
    • Family with children

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.912359
    Latitude : 57.051755