Statue of King Erik 1st "The Good"

King Erik 1st "the Good" was born on the Royal estate in Slangerup in 1056. He ruled Denmark from 1095 until 1103. In his short reign King Erik succeeded in making peace with the enemies of the country, the Wends. He had his brother Knud made a saint and Knud was crowned as a saint in Sct. Albani church in Odense. Eventually, he succeeded in establishing a Nordic archbishopric in Lund, which meant that the Nordic churches were disengaged from the archbishopric in Hamburg.

King Erik died in 1103 in Cyprus during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. In August 1995 a granite sculpture of King Erik 1st "the Good" was unveiled on the occasion of the anniversary of his coronation as Danish king in 1095. The unveiling was done by Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte and the bishop in Lund. Princess Benedikte is - just like her sister, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe 2nd a successor in direct line of King Erik!

The sculpturer is the Danish artist Joseph Salamon

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Kongensgade 18
3550 Slangerup



Longitude : 12.172469
Latitude : 55.846373