Steps towards measuring the “ROI” on your meetings

Meetovation ensures that you benefit from the time and money invested in your meeting, conference or seminar. Return On Investment on meetings is an integrated part of Meetovation. It helps you to define the objectives of your meeting and suggests a suitable method of evaluation whether it is in the short and long term.

The steps towards mesuring the ROI of your meeting:


The aim and substance of the conference is discussed with the venue operators. Such dialogue is important since conference setups and concepts must be customised to facilitate achieving these aims.


1st evaluation point: Assessing the satisfaction of participants is the first step in determining the “ROI” of the meeting. Satisfied participants will have benefited more.


2nd evaluation point: To which degree have participants at the conference achieved new knowledge and found inspiration for new ways of working, etc?


3rd evaluation point: How is this new knowledge applied? Follow-up assessment of how new knowledge has been applied.


4th evaluation point: Assessing the benefit of doing things differently, e.g. achieving enhanced product quality or efficiency, greater professionalism or job satisfaction, etc.


The compiled data will form the basis of a “ROI” on meetings assessment, which in turn will lead to further learning before the next scheduled conference.

The ROI Methodology 

The Meetovation Return on Investment on meetings concept is based on The ROI Methodology deveolpped by EVENT ROI Institute. Learn more about The ROI Methodology here ... (PDF)

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