Store Monshøj

Store Monshøj, which is between Kongerslev and Skibsted, is a long barrow from the early stone-age (3600 - 3200 BC). The barrows are a visible proof of the social development that Danish society experienced during this period.

There was a movement inland, away from the coast, and the change from hunting/fishing to agriculture changed the social structure.

Everywhere in Denmark this visible evidence of our prehistory can be found, especially prolific in the areas surrounding the Limfjord. They were all built within a period of a couple of hundred years. If you would like to visit Store Monshøj and feel for a moment what it was really like to live in early stone-age, drive from Kongerslev towards Skibsted.

About 500 - 600 metres outside Kongerslev town, there is a small gravel road on your right where a sign indicates that you will come to Store Monshøj if you follow this road. Today animals graze around the long barrow, but one can still make out the contours of this big half-timbered house. Public admittance and signs.

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Skibstedvej 1, Store Monshøj
9293 Kongerslev

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Longitude : 10.092131
Latitude : 56.882479