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Svuisj – Spoing

A fun little concentration exercise which gives energy to a group. It works well in the very beginning of a course or a conference.




  1. Concentration
  2. Group focus 
  3. Laugh together


Approx. 5 minutes 

Group size

Best suited for group size 6-20


  1. Stand in a circle so everyone can see each other. 
  2. Make a pendulum swing with your arms against the person to your right and say "SVUISJ". The person on the right sends the message to the next, which sends it on until it has come full circle. 
  3. Send "SVUISJ" around a few times until you are sure that everyone has understood it. 
  4. Now you introduce next level, which is a "Spoing". A "Spoing" get "SVUISJ" to change direction. A "Spoing" made by you turning to the person who sends "SVUISJ" to you, “shoot” your stomach out and pull your arms back while you loudly say "Spoing" (like a ball being sent back by a racket). "SVUISJ" now changes direction. 
  5. Once you have all mastered this, you can create a "BANG". With a bang, you can send the message across the circle. You can not use a "BANG" on people next to yourself because you need to say either "SVUISJ" or "Spoing" at this point. A "BANG" is created by a person by aiming a finger at someone on the other side of the circle and saying "BANG". A "BANG" can only be sent when you receive a "SVUISJ" or "Spoing". 
  6. Continue until you do not want to play any more, or let people leave the circle as they make mistakes.


  1. If you are really tough, you can have multiple "SVUISJ"s going at the same time. 
  2. Introduce new opportunities, for example a "ZAK" which means that the message passes someone. 
  3. Make the game harder. For example one can trade places with the one you "BANG".

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