Tales of the Limfjord

Guided tour on Frederik the 7th Canal.

For centuries the area around Løgstør has been a central junction for trafic on the Limfjord. With its shallow waters Løgstør Bredning has been a natural hindrance in the east-west voyage.

But with the opening of the 4.4 kilometer Canal in 1861 the sailing opportunities were improved and it was now possible to visit the towns along the Limfjord from the east.

The keywords for this tour are: Sailing, canal construction and commerce.

The tour starts in the unique environment around Limfjordsmuseet and takes place on Frederik the 7th Canal in one of the museum's boats.

The museum offers coffee to all participants.

Tickets can be purchased at Limfjordsmuseet.

Opening hours
02/07/2013 - 30/08/2013 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday11:00 -
02/07/2013 - 30/08/2013 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday14:00 -

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Kanalvejen 40
9670 Løgstør


+45 98671805


  • City / Area

    • Farsø
    • Himmerland
    • Livø
    • Løgstør
    • Ranum
    • Vesthimmerland
    • Ålestrup
    • Års

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    Longitude : 9.240438
    Latitude : 56.964425