Taulov Church

Big considerable steeple, which has served as navigationmark. At the eastend of the church is a peculiar round chapel built in 1581 for the Rosenkratzerne at Høngborg castle at Lillebælt. Two massive brass candlesticks from 1636, a bell from 1643 and an epitaph from 1729 shows the connection to the changed bailiffs and churchwardens from the demolished Søholmgaard in Elbodalen at Holme Field. From the church there is a magnificent view across Kolding inlet to Skamlingsbanken.
The church is newly restored and total ornamented by the painter Arne L. Hansen.

Opening hours

01/01/2014 - 31/12/2015 Monday - Sunday

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Taulov Kirkevej 50
7000 Fredericia


+45 75562610



Longitude : 9.609392
Latitude : 55.539697