The Bryghus Project

The Bryghus Project is a house that puts many different activities in one building. The building will consist of housing, offices and dining places. 

Danish Architecture Centre will get a central spot in the Bryghus Project - right in the heart of the building. They will get display rooms, a book store and a cafe.   

Furthermore, the building will house apartments and cafes, and there will be a big parking lot underneath the building. The areas around the house will be used for playgrounds and sunny hangouts.

House with a harbour promenade

Bryghuset has an extra added bonus due to its location. It's located right by the water, which means there's a promenade by the harbour. 

The idea behind the location is to strengthen the connection between inner city and Copenhagen harbour.  

A sustainable project

The Bryghus project is also intended as a sustainable project. The house defines sustainability in four dimensions: Environmental, social, economic and resource sustainability.

The building is expected to be finished in 2016.

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