The Cimbrian Bull

Stands broad-backed and strong ready to attack. It stands on its pedestal high above the traffic as a symbol of the Cimbrians' zest for life and their call for foreign places.

On the pedestal, Johannes V. Jensen's tributive poem to the Cimbrians is engraved. The poem was read by the author when the sculpture was unveiled 14 April 1937.

The artist
The bull is one of the greatest works of the sculptor Anders J. Bundgaard. The work was paid by "De danske Spritfabrikker" (The Danish Distilleries) and the bull is placed on historic ground since this was where the old distillery was placed until it was closed down in 1931.

The rough design for the sculpture, of which there is a model in Bundgaards Museum in Tingbæk limestone mine, was made by architect Alf. Cock-Clausen. The drawings were at the unveiling put in the pedestal with the foundation stone document and dr. phil Johannes Brøndsted's expose of the Cimbrian expedition.

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