The Convent Garden

The wonderful Convent Garden is a collection of medicinal plants and urbs. In 1998 it was originally established at Mariager Museum, but in 2014 it was moved to its current location next to the last part of the old Convent.

Medieval convents is known to have grown several plants - eg. medicinal plants and urbs. It is not known with certainty how many plants were grown - but certainly more than 100 different plants. These medicinal plants and urbs are, as well as some other urbs, spices and decorative plants, categorised as Convent-plants.

In The Convent Garden You can find several convent plants - eg. common nettle, goutweed, creeping bellflower and dandelion. These 4 species were among the most common utility plants of the middle ages.  Common nettle were usen for both midicinal purposes, for production of clothing and it was also used for food.

In 2000, a sculpture by the artist Niels Helledie, was revealed. The sculpture were a gift from the people of Mariager in connection with the town anniversary in 1992. The sculpture is called "The weak woman with the gigantic burdens" or "The nun in the Convent Garden".

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