The crusader Esbern Snare

Esbern Snare (ca. 1127-1204)

Esbern Snare was born in Fjenneslev in 1128. He was born into a powerful Nobel family. He was the oldest of Asser Rig and Inger Eriksdatter sons, and he was the brother of Absalom. Esbern Snare participated in many historical battles before he built the castle in Kalundborg in 1167. He had three sons and two daughters: Jamie, Absalon, Niels Mule, Ingeborg and Cecilie. It was probably Ingeborg, who built the Church of Our Lady after Esbern Snare's death. Esbern Snare died in 1204 at Sæbygård, after falling down the tower stairs.

Esbern’s Crusade

The first major crusade Esbern Snare and his brothers Absalon and Valdemar attended, was the crusade against the Wends of Rügen. They set fire to the Wends main fortress of Arkona, and the Wends surrendered after bloody fight. In the sanctuary stood Svantevit, one of their many gods, who was worshiped in the form of large wooden figure with four heads. The figure was knocked down and cut into pieces, by the Danes. In 1187, the whole of the Danish nobility gathered for a big Christmas party in Odense. Here arrived a messenger from the Pope, who asked for help to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims. Esbern Snare gave a speech about all the Danes achievement, and encouraged people to join. 15 knights, with their men, went off, but the trip was long and dangerous and the Danish crusaders arrived too late. The crusades Richard Lionheart and the Sultan Saladin had made peace.

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