The Festival of Centuries

The Festival of Centuries is a new festival of history in Aarhus.
The Festival is presented by the Danish University Extension in Aarhus in close cooperation with the University of Aarhus and a long list of cultural institutions. Through a combination of knowledge, art and culture, history comes to life in spaces and institutions throughout Aarhus.
2014 Festival Edition – 'Wars, Full Steam Ahead, and Brilliant Minds'
Under the theme of 'Wars, Full Steam Ahead, and Brilliant Minds', the Festival in 2014 takes on a century when Denmark became the country that we know today. A century in which industrialisation is firing-up the country, democracy sees the light of day with the enactment of the Danish Constitution in 1849, association activities start blooming, political parties and trade unions are formed, the Danish folk high school is founded, women are getting a voice, and Kierkegaard is putting man at the centre.
It is also a century in which Denmark sees itself shrinking. The geographical losses of Norway in 1814 and Schleswig-Holstein in 1864 not only reduced the size of the country on the map; it also altered the Danes' image of themselves.
Perspective on Denmark on national and international stage
They begin to look inward. Writers, poets, and artists practise the particular ways of the Danes at full steam ahead – and the concept of one people, one nation, and one language begins to take root. At the same time, international inspirations are flowing into Denmark, enriching its art, culture, and intellectual life. This Festival takes on the history of Denmark, yet keeps the world outside in clear sight. Because it was in the encounter with the world that Denmark produced brilliant minds such as Kierkegaard, Grundtvig, and Oersted.
Seeing history in a new light
The Festival casts new light on history, while also putting up for discussion the present and the future that the Danes wish to make. Existence, nationalism, brilliant minds, identity, refinement, democracy, entrepreneurial spirit, and culture will be discussed at great length.
A recurring festival
The Festival of Centuries is a recurring event – in March 2014 its theme is the nineteenth century. A century stretched between a romantic Golden Age and modernity. The first edition of this festival in 2012 subjected the seventeenth century to close scrutiny, while the third edition in 2016 will focus on the twentieth century.

Event date/time
07/03/2014 - 16/03/2014 AarhusMonday - Sunday -

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