The Norden Chalk Pit

In 70 years, Portland Cement-Factory diged for chalk and chalk sludge and this is the reason for the 10-20 m. tall cliffs. Today, the chalk pit is a nature area with interesting plants and animals.

What is characteristic for this chalk pit is the 600 m. long and 9 m. deep lake with greenish-blue water. It is the lights reflection in the alkaline- and calcium holding water that is the reason for the colour.

On the cliffs heart grass grows here and there and parsnips grows where the earth contains lime.

Grey-throat grebes and a single Bud Swan couple, which are very territory demanding, lives in the area.

During winter time, the lake is a lay-by for many birds and about 100 water-bats goes into winter hibernation in a closed mine tunnel. 

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