The Old Little Belt bridge

The Old Lillebælt Bridge

Take a walk across the Old Lillebælt bridge and enjoy beautiful views of the town, the belt and the beech forest. See the map here

The suggestion for a bridge across Lillebælt was first proposed to the Danish Parliament in 1855-56. However, the proposition was rejected.

Danish Prime Minister Th. Stauning took up the case again in the late 1920s as relief work for unemployed workmen from all over Denmark and on the 14th of May 1935 the bridge, 825 m. long, was opened.

Let your eyes wander over the waters to the west and get a feeling of the huge engineering feat the Lillebælt bridge has been. A building that secured the first fixed link between Jutland and Funen and thus replaced the ferry crossing between Snoghoj and Middelfart.

It had cost 32 Mill. Danish Kroner to build and during its first year in use it was crossed by 533.000 cars. Five times as many as the ferries had carried over the belt the year before.

The Old Lillebælt bridge is 1178 meters long, 57 meters high, and is today used by cars, trains, cyclists and pedestrians.
Passage height: 33 Metres

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Den Gamle Lillebæltsbro
5500 Middelfart


+45 88325959


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    • publicly accessible townscape
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    • Fredericia
    • Middelfart

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    Longitude : 9.705595
    Latitude : 55.514313