The Shanty Choir in Hals and Hou

August 7 - The Shanty Choir – at 19:00 and 20:00 in Hals and Hou.

Song at Sunset with the Løgstør Shanty Choir.

Back in time it was hard physical work to sail and maintain the big ships at sea and here the “shanties” came into the picture. 

A shanty was a song that was meant to help sailors through the hard work and duties - and not, as most think, a singing of joy for the sailors. A shanty is a tune consisting of a solos and choir songs. With the right song and an experienced “shantyman” (choirmaster), these "shanties" encouraged and could even join the forces of the working sailors on board the large vessels. Shanties were called the poetry of the sea. The “shantyman” had to be a sailor with a good sense of humor and a vivid imagination, who at the same time knew what was going on board because it was what the shanties were all about. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the old shanties have disappeared along with the great sailing ships.

The Limfjord Museum Shanty Choir sings happy songs and tells more or less true stories from the seventh Sea. .


Free event


This event is part of Dokkedal Days - Music along the coast

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07/08/2014 - 07/08/2014 InfoCenter HalsThursday19:00 -

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