Theatre Nordkraft

Teater Nordkraft is Aalborg’s youngest theatre and presents a new and vibrant form of dramatic art across genres, nationalities and ages; it is the right place to go if you are looking for a cultural experience.

Teater Nordkraft is a window to the world from Aalborg. Here, the audience face surprising, thought-provoking, and intimate performances that are produced and presented by some of the best Danish and foreign stage artists.

In the heart of the cultural centre of Aalborg

Teater Nordkraft is the sixth largest theatre in Denmark with four stages and a cozy foyer in the old coal power station, Nordkraft. Its nearest neighbors are the cinema, Biffen, the music venue, Skråen, and the new and magnificent Musikkens Hus (the House of Music).

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Teglgårds plads 1
9000 Aalborg


+45 98111666



Longitude : 9.931726
Latitude : 57.046415