Them is situated south of Silkeborg in one of Denmark’s most magnificent areas of natural beauty. Them is a town in central Jutland with 2,241 inhabitants (2009). Them is located in Silkeborg Municipality, near the A 52 between Silkeborg and Horsens. The disused railway between the two towns is now the Horsens–Silkeborg nature trail. In the heart of the town centre lie Them church and Løvenholt, which for years served as a college. Them offers very diverse nature; the terrain is very hilly and a sizable area is covered by woodland. In addition to some of Denmark’s cleanest lakes, you will also find meandering streams, vast stretches of heathland and a great deal of other fascinating nature in and around Them.

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.548351
    Latitude : 56.092279

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