Torndrup Strand

Torndrup Strand (Torndrup Beach) has something for everyone. Take your children to the beach and build a sandcastle or occupy your very own sand island. You can settle down on the beach’s gorgeous white sand and enjoy the sun’s rays.

Scandinavian gold
Denmark’s beaches are filled with hidden treasures. On the east coast, you can search for attractive stones and find a lasting reminder of your visit.

Read more about amber and visit the Amber Polisher in Sæby and the Amber Museum...

Stones on the beach
In your search for amber you also are certain to come across many stones, but don’t just throw them away! A splendid story may lie behind stones on the beach.

The 8 bathing tips
When you are swimming you should always remember to familiarise yourself with the 8 bathing tips for greater swimming safety. The Danish Council for Greater Water Safety has created a webpage, where you can find a summary of these.

Beach numbers
It is important that you know your beach number, in case an accident happens and you need to contact the authorities. The beach number for Bisnap Strand (Bisnap Beach) is E557.

Water temperature
The closer we come to the summer holiday, the more the local beaches are filled with expectant guests. If you’re in doubt over whether the water is warm enough, you can visit TV2’s website, which provides daily updates of the sea temperature.

To get the most from your day on the beach, it is good to know what the level of the tide is. DMI provides daily updates.

Good advice when you bring a dog to the beach
When the sun first properly comes out and the temperature rises on the beach, it is important to remember your dog’s well-being. If you are going to be there for a long time, remember to bring along water for your dog and something that can provide shade.

You can find out more about safety on the beach on the Danish foundation TrygFonden’s website, where you can order leaflets or read them online.

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