Tour The Danish Girl locations

During the course of The Danish Girl's running time, we visit more than a dozen Copenhagen locations.

If you want to see the sights first-hand, lace up your shoes and hit the pavement with our handy numbered map (right) in hand.

Børsen (1)

The stock exhange building know as Børsen is featured in The Danish Girl. Photo credit: @marv_and_more

As The Danish Girl gets underway, we see Einar Wegener passing one of Copenhagen's gems, the stock exchange building known as Børsen. One of many buildings built by the prolific King Christian IV, Børsen's prominent tower is formed by four intertwined dragon tails. Photo credit: @marv_and_more

Snaregade, the historic centre (2)

Eijnar and Gerda stroll down Copenhagen's historic street Snaregade in the movie The Danish Girl. Photo credit: @olivermumm

Einar and Gerda seem happily married as they make their way home, arm in arm late at night. We see them pass half-timbered houses in Copenhagen's historic street, Snaregade. Don't miss nearby Magstræde too. These two lanes are home to some of the city's oldest buildings. Photo credit: @olivermumm

The Royal Theatre (3,4)

One of the important locations in The Danish Girl is The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. Photo credit: @anneoesterby

The Royal Theatre (Det Kongelige Teater) is the site of a number of important scenes in the film where Einar begins to acknowledge his feminine side. Be sure to walk through the gilded arch which leads up to the art deco theatre known as Stærekassen. Photo credit: @anneoesterby

Charlottenborg (5)

Einar and Gerda Wegener met as students at the Royal Danish Academy of the Arts, located at Charlottenborg Palace. The palace is featured in The Danish Girl. Photo credit: @marianne_renberg

Einar and Gerda Wegener met as students at the Royal Danish Academy of the Arts which is located at Charlottenborg Palace at Kongens Nytorv. In the film, this is where Lili makes her first appearance at the artist's ball. Photo credit: @marianne_renberg

Iconic Nyhavn (6,7)

Nyhavn is the home of Einar and Gerda Wegener in The Danish Girl. Photo credit: @olivertcb

During filming, Tom Hooper and his crew had nearly unlimited access to Nyhavn, transforming the entire harbour area into a fish market. It's here Einar and Gerda live, and it's also here Lili makes her first forays in public. Photo credit: @olivertcb

The Marble Church: A bit of Paris in Copenhagen (8)

In The Danish Girl The Marble Church is located in Paris. In reality the church is located in Copenhagen. Photo credit: @salohcph

Did you notice the ornate building in the background as Lili leaves her apartment in Paris? Spoiler alert! It's actually the Marble Church (Marmorkirken) near the royal palace grounds of Amalienborg! One of the things that impressed director Tom Hooper was central Copenhagen's ability to stand in for other cities in the film.

Nyboder (9)

In The Danish Girl Lili finds herself visiting a male friend in the bright yellow row houses know as Nyboder. Photo credit: @iverina

Although Lili's is initially shy and reserved, her curiosity leads her to visit a male friend in the bright yellow row houses known as Nyboder, nr. 8 at Suensonsgade to be precise. Another place where Christian IV left his mark on the Copenhagen, Nyboder was originally created to house the growing number of sailors and personnel in the Danish navy. Photo credit: @iverina

Fiolstæde Reading Room (10)

In The Danish Girl Lili research about her condition at Fiolstæde Reading Room. Photo credit: @millemolle

Remember the scene in Paris where Lili retreats to a library to do research about her condition? The library is actually Fiolstræde Læsesal, part of Copenhagen University's central campus. And while it's closed to the public, you might be able to glimpse the cast-iron columns that support the vaulted ceiling. Nearby, you'll find plenty of cafes where you can cosy up with a book to do your own reading. Photo credit: @millemolle

The Town Hall as hospital (11)

Many of the hospital scenes in The Danish Girl is filmed at Copenhagen City Hall. Photo credit: @hlennhart

Many of the hospital scenes where Lili undergoes her operations take place in the classic atrium of Copenhagen City Hall (Rådhus). After following this circuit, you can fittingly rest your feet at Rainbow Square – an open plaza inaugurated on 1 July 2014 to mark Copenhagen's long-standing tradition as a place of tolerance and open-mindedness. Something the real-life characters from The Danish Girl who struggled against prejudice and ignorance would appreciate. Photo credit: @hlennhart

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