Go bridge-hopping in Copenhagen

New bridges are popping up in Copenhagen one after another with a total of four inaugurations in 2015 and 2016.

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1. The Circle Bridge
2. The "Trangravs" Bridge
3. The "Proviant" Bridge
4. The "Inderhavns" Bridge
5. The "Cykelslangen" (Only biking)
6. The "Brygge" Bridge
7. Gefion Bridge 
8. The "Åbuen"
9. Queen Louises Bridge
10. The "Børnehus" Bridge
11. The "Snorre" Bridge
12. The "Nyhavns" Bridge
13. The "Frederiksholms" Bridge
14. The "Langebro" with the "Wave"
15. The "Knippels" Bridge
16. The "Marmor" Bridge
17. The "Storm" Bridge
18. The "Holmens" Bridge
19. The "Børs" Bridge 

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The Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is the brainchild behind the most recent opening – Cirkelbroen, The Circle Bridge. Five circle-shaped platforms with each its’ own ‘mast’ enable you to enjoy the city of Copenhagen from a brand new perspective.

While new and shiny bridges are exciting, Copenhagen has many more bridges that are worth crossing – ideally by foot or by bike to fully take in the views. Find your very own bridge of Madison County in the list below, but without the sad ending of course.

Facts about Cirkelbroen (The Circle Bridge)

Design: Olafur Eliasson

Developer: Nordea Fonden

Length: 40 meter
Inspiration: The neighbourhood of Christianshavn and the maritime history of the area

Bryggebroen - Copenhagen

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