The Trold-witch & River-troll

Believe it or not - but once upon the time a lot of trolls were living in the area around Slangerup. One of them, an old ugly female troll lived in a small hill near to the village Uvelse. When man began to build a tower to the village church in the neighbour village Nørre Herlev, she tried every night to destroy what was built by men during the daytime.

The troll had to pass a narrow bridge crossing the local river, Havelse Å, but deep down the river lived another troll called Åmanden. He did not certainly not like the noise made by the female troll trampling his bridge during the nights. An early morning suddenly - and just before the golden summers sunrise - he came out from the river to talk to the troll to stop her making all that nightly noise. Unfortunately the troll became so frightened to meet the troll from the river, that she jumped too high - she jumped in a way that the first sunbeams of the summer sunshine hit her, and when a Scandinavian troll is hit by the sunshine, he become a stone - and so she did as well!

Please be careful - if you tell a lie or if you say anything bad about trolls, then she will become a troll once again - and she will immediately try to eat you!

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