Two free consultants

Purpose: To let people take advantage of each other's knowledge.


At conferences (preferably immediately after lunch when participants are having a hard time concentrating on a presentation), at knowledge sharing and experience-meetings, and within organizations in general.


A sort of mini-reflecting team, where a person with a current challenge receives good advice and sparring from two other participants. - The method takes 20-30 min. Divide participants into groups of 3. The person who wishes sparring on a challenge briefly explains the challenge and then turns around, facing away from the two "consultants". The two concultants now have the chance to draw from own experience and make suggestions on how to face and overcome the challenge. This should take about 8-10 minutes. The exercise can be continued again with another person presenting a challenge and the other two becoming consultants.

This method is great for knowledge sharing and getting concrete help on challenges your meeting participants are facing at the time of the meeting.  

Why involve your meeting participants

Active involvement makes meetings more valuable because:

  1. It helps you make better decisions
  2. It increases networking and knowledge sharing
  3. It engages and motivates the participants

More info about this excercise

Nina Tange, Learning Lab Denmark,

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