Two Truths and One Lie

Purpose: to greet each other and to obtain informal information about each other.

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True or false In a new way 


  • To greet each other
  • To obtain informal information about each other


5-7 minutes

Best suited for:

4-100 persons

How to get started:

- Ask all the participants to move on the floor

- They are now to meet and greet each other

- Every time they meet a new person, they are to tell to truths and one lie about themselves.

- The other must now guess what is true and what is false.

- When they have guessed each other’s true or false they move on to the next.

- Let the exercise continue for a few minutes right until just before the energy drops.


  • Make sure that participants hurry on and does not linger for too long by each other – this will make the energy drop.
  • To avoid queue, tell the participants that they are welcome to be more than two at a time exchanging truths and lies.

More info about this exercise:

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