Ulvedybet - vildtreservat

Ulvedybet is used as a resting and eating site for thousand of migratory waders and is also domicile for Denmarks nationalbird the mute swan.
You can se the many kind of web-footed birds and waders in the shallow watered sanctuary.

Tradition has it that the name 'Ulvedybet' (The Wolf's Pool) originated from the time 'when a witch promised to exterminate the parish of its many wolves'.

She took her flute and played a tune. All the wolves followed her right to the edge of the river.
The witch then climed on to her broomstick and flew away. All the beasts jumped one by one after her and fell into the water and drowned. Since that day, the place has been called 'Ulvedybet'.

However, one female wolf did not follow the witch, as she was feeding her cubs and therefore there continued to be wolves in the area for some years.

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