Unconventional meeting venue - Nordkraft in Aalborg

Power house and new meeting venue Nordkraft in Aalborg
Unconventional meeting venue: Nordkraft in Aalborg – from coal-driven power plant to cultural power venue!
Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Unconventional meeting venue: Nordkraft in Aalborg – from coal-driven power plant to cultural power venue.

Not so long ago Nordkraft supplied the citizens of Aalborg in north Jutland with electricity. Now, the old coal-fired power station generates a completely different kind of power; Cultural Power. And within these raw, yet inspiring walls, Nordkraft now holds great and inspiring conference facilities too.

Danish architects CUBO Architects A/S succeeded in integrating as many of the old bricks as possible into Nordkraft’s new structure and creating a fusion of contemporary architecture and authentic industrial styles that create a very special atmosphere and reflects the identity of Aalborg. So here’s a truly unconventional meeting and conference venue available at the top of the European continent, which brings together culture, sports, and recreation, ombines sports facilities, a cinema, music halls, theatres and restaurants under one roof and can host business events with up to 600 participants.

Says Hanne Kristiansen, Convention Manager at VisitAalborg Convention:

"Nordkraft is another excellent add on in recent years to the City of Aalborg's strong meeting and conference portfolio. New and updated hotel and meeting venues spring up everywhere these days, not least along our popular waterfront which is so much part of Aalborg's identity. With Nordkraft, the Utzon Centre, Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center and many more, we can cater for business events of all sizes. On top, we have one of the most accessible cities in Denmark with our own international airport and excellent road and rail systems, so there is really no reason for not staging an event at the top of the European Continent soon!"

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