Vandplasken (protected area)

The lobelia lake "Vandplasken" is declared special nature area of scientific interest due to its location in the unaffected and protected dune area. The area around Kærsgård Strand (beach), “Vandplasken” and Liver Å is a varied landscape of dunes, partly located on an elevated seabed and partly on top of the Stone Age sea coastline. The dunes are predominantly calcareous and very species-rich. Cattle graze the area and there is no public access in the fence.

From the Stone Age Sea’s old cliff “Lien”, the bird interested has a good view of “Vandplasken”.

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Udmunding ved Liver Å
9850 Hirtshals


  • City / Area

    • Hirtshals
    • Toppen af Danmark
    • Tornby
    • Tversted

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    Longitude : 9.8779436930
    Latitude : 57.518374328