Viking Market

Finally the time has come for another viking market at wonderful Lindholm Høje. The viking group and Lindholm Høje Museum invites everyone to visit the viking’s market in September with lots of exciting activities and not least beautiful craftwork. Bring your friends or family and spice it all up with real viking food from the museum’s café.

At the market you can experience how wool yarn is used to weave or tie beautiful bands and warm socks. The leather smith processes skin and leather for scabbards, wallets or shoes and the tradition of tying straw is displayed. Bows and arrows will be there to create a real viking’s atmosphere, and maybe the smith will even make tools out of red hot iron? Go experience and ask curious questions. At Lindholm Høje they are looking forward to your visit.  

Read more about the viking’s market in Aalborg (Danish)

Opening hours

24/06/2017 - 25/06/2017 Saturday, Sunday

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