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Vilsted Sø

Vilsted Sø - Vesthimmerland
Since the middle of the 1980's it has been considered to reestablish a lake in the area where "Vilsted Sø" and "Sønder Sø" used to be.

The establishment of Vilsted Lake and the surrounding area is to the day the biggest nature and environmental reestablishment project in Nordjylland. The lake is the biggest in the region and covers an area of approx. 1100 acres with a surrounding area of approx. 1000 acres of wet meadows. The recreated lake is cinsiderably larger than the original lake.

Vilsted Lake has the potential to become one of the lake areas of Denmark most heavily populated by birds. Already, there are several species of duck. geese and wading birds around the lake and during the Spring of 2007 grebes and breeding marsh birds should start moving in.

Once Vilsted Lake achieves a steady flow of fish it should become a magnet for certain eagle types during their Spring and Fall migration. And who knows, maybe the eagle can find a quiet place to breed in Vesthimmerland

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