Walking Tour/Biking Trip: The beet track at Lungholm

Welcome to the beet track at Lungholm Manor

This lovely biking or hiking tour allows one to experience at close quarters an insight into some of the factors that characterized beet growing on Lolland. Overnight accommodationis available along the route; see information at the end of this leaflet.
The ca. 8 km long route between Holeby and Errindlev is marked in red. The route passes through a beautiful open landscape and the 1 km long beet track. The delightfulcircular tour past Tågerup Church, the Polish Barracks(Polakkassernen), Lungholm Manor and Olstrup Churchcovers the story of sugar beet production on Lolland. Theroute is just over 4 km and is marked in yellow.

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Longitude : 11.459957164
Latitude : 54.671818024