Waste management will cut breakfast waste by 232 tonnes

Scandic Copenhagen
Organic waste from restaurants accounts for a large proportion of a hotel’s waste in total. Leftovers from buffets, kitchen scraps, bread and what guests leave on the side of their plates all add up to hundreds of kilos every day.
Thursday, July 4, 2013

Much of this food waste is thrown away unnecessarily and Scandic is now taking the next step in its work on sustainability by actively working on waste management at all its hotels. A recently completed pilot shows that, with know-how and planning, the hotels can reduce breakfast waste by over 30%

By training staff, controlling purchasing and the amount produced for each particular occasion, and passing the message on to guests, the target is to reduce waste from breakfast by just over 30%, from today’s +75 grams/guest last year to 53 grams/guest this year. If the 24 hotels in Denmark succeed in hitting the target, the proportion of waste will be cut by 27 tonnes over the year. It is a target that Søren Faerber, Director Food & Beverage, Scandic Denmark, is confident that the hotels will meet.

During last autumn we’ve run a pilot tested solutions with measurement of waste at several hotels and it’s great to feel the focus and joy about this project at the hotels. We have held internal competitions about reducing food waste and we’ve got a lot of interesting proposals in which both can be used internally in the chain but also in private homes.

Our knowledgeable staffs are very aware of how they can contribute to less food waste. We make chips of broccoli sticks and juicer remains of fruits and vegetables. Using up tomatoes to make salsa, for example, means that between them the hotels save vast quantities of resources that would otherwise go to waste. Staff and guests can both contribute. I have no doubt that we are going to match our ambitions, says Søren Faerber.

By working actively on reducing food waste we protect the environment and our future. Of course we have always guest satisfaction in focus and we look forward telling our guests about the forthcoming initiatives, concludes Søren Faerber.

This press release is published by Scandic.

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