Winter Jazz

For three weeks each February, Copenhagen is filled with world-class jazz concerts when Vinterjazz takes place.

The jazz festival is a nationwide music festival that spanning three weeks and featuring more than 500 concerts, 100 venues and 25 independent organizers from all across Denmark. From Aalborg in North to the historic jazz capital of Copenhagen and many cities in between.

The combination of the festival’s length and the countrywide aspect makes Vinterjazz an opportunity to meet international stars on tour, new Danish award-winning projects and concert themes.

What makes Vinterjazz a special music event is, that it is a national collaboration between venues and organizers, musicians and audience, the big cities and the outskirts of Denmark – a national initiative created and taking place locally.

Vinterjazz is first and foremost a club festival that kick-starts the season for the many Danish jazz clubs that create an environment where jazz can develop and live year round.

Opening hours

03/02/2017 - 26/02/2017 Monday - Sunday

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